Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chaff Cutter and Quality Standards at Kisancom

Greetings to our Customers and Readers.

We are extremely proud to report the following:
Over last weekend (28th August 2010), we were visited by a customer (after sales request), who bought a Chaff Cutter from one of dealers approximately 40 years ago (we are talking early 1970s). He brought the chaff cutter machine to us that required general servicing. Upon the requested servicing request, our engineers found out that over a period of service and regular wear and tear, the machine was still in functioning order, other than main gear running grab rollers missing one tooth. They replaced the gear and the machine was handed over.

Here is his testimonial:
"This is the first chaff cutter machine that was bought by me to cut chaff. Upon visiting dealers, I had a choice to buy a quality Chaff Cutter from KISANCOM (Darshan Singh & Co) or an inexpensive product low quality from another manufacturer. I understood the false economy offered by under-rated product from another manufacturer and went ahead to buy Kisancom Chaff Cutter.
I am proud that I made correct decision and helped many make this decision.
I recommend Kisancom Chaff Cutters to everyone."

We are proud of our customer base and scores of highly satisfed customers.
Our mantra:

Yours Truly,
Darshan Singh & Co

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nostalgic Image from BBC

Greetings to our Customers and Readers.

While going through scores of web pages on Google regarding Chaff Cutters, I came across a web page from BBC, that shows an image of Chaff Cutter machine in United Kingdom.
Now, the interesting bit is, especially for our old customers is that visually the design seems very similar to a very heavy duty machine that we used to manufacture and was later upgraded and evolved into current models - Steel Geared Power Driven Chaff Cutter. This reminds me of times in 1980s.
I am very proud to find out that design is very successful and went across the world. The new Steel Geared Power Driven Chaff Cutter is upgraded to include steel gears and hence lesser wear and tear and higher productivity through increased RPMs.
Here is the link to BBC Chaff Cutter web page.

Sound Designs, Excellent Quality and Customer Satisfaction has been core to our organisation.

Yours Truly,
Darshan Singh & Co.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Customer Advice

Greetings to all our Customers and Readers.

It has come to our attention that there has been number of fake machines in market that are being wrongly sold to customers.
Please be aware that Kisancom do not have any affiliation to any other manufacturing unit(s).
We at Kisancom (Darshan Singh & Co.) are making efforts to stop these vicious activities so that our valued customers can always maintain their trust in our brand.
These are the characteristics to look for in original branded products:
  • We have been in Chaff Cutter / Toka Machine business since 1952.
  • We are now an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation.
  • Look for weight of the machine; our machine tend to be much heavier than the fake counterparts.
  • Look for type of bearings used; we do not use cast iron bearings.
  • Our machines are all shot blasted, so they tend to be more cleaner.
  • Compare the images of machine using product image from website.
You should always buy the Kisancom Branded Products from original distributors or our direct marketing channels at Darshan Singh & Co.  If while buying the product, you are in doubt, you can always call us at 01826-262692 or 098140-00100 or Contact Us using feedback form on website and we can advice you regarding the product.

Remember that it is your right know.

Yours Truly,
M. Singh
Managing Director (Kisancom)
Darshan Singh & Co.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Our Portfolio of Chaff Cutters at Kisancom

Greetings to our Customers and Readers

We have created a portfolio of our Products - Chaff Cutters that is available to you now through You Tube. We have taken this step in order to keep our clients informed on the go, as this video is also available on most mobile devices.
Please watch the video.
We will keep you posted.

Our Best Regards,

Darshan Singh & Co.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Launch of New Website: Kisancom.com

New Homepage of Kisancom.com
Greeting Readers and Valued Customers.

Please accept our best wishes on Independence Day.

Darshan Singh & Co. and their brand Kisancom has always been endeavouring to make best use of the technology such that the valued customers are informed about latest products and advancements in the organisation.
We therefore, just launched a new official website http://www.kisancom.com/ w.e.f 15th August 2010 that also marks the Independence Day of India. The new website has simple structure, is fast and very convenient for the user.
We assure that new version of website will give you pleasant experience in fulfilling your requirement. To get familiar with new look click here or alternatively you may access same by using your favourite Google Search terms:
We appreciate your continuous patronage and feedback on the usability of new look and feel of http://www.kisancom.com/

Warm Regards,

Darshan Singh & Co.