Monday, 13 September 2010

Chaff Cutter Machine

Steel Geared Chaff Cutter - Kisancom
Greetings to our Customers and Readers.

We would like to draw attention to the safety mechanism in addition to the speed control and length of chaff that is being used in Steel Geared Power Driven Chaff Cutter and all new Evolution Chaff Cutter Machines at Kisancom, where chaff cutter machine operator can operate a lever in hand for instantaneous disengagement of gears from power source.

This mechanism has improved over number of years especially in context of introduction of steel gears instead of cast iron. We have observed that cast iron gears at certain RPM are susceptible to failure.

We have a large customer base who have been providing us with positive feedbacks and we owe the success of this machine to them.

Yours Truly,
Darshan Singh & Co.

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