Saturday, 2 October 2010

Quality Matters at Kisancom Chaff Cutter

Greetings to our Customers and Readers.

It's been awhile. But, have we got news for you or what?

We were approached by a customer about a month back at Kisancom manufacturing unit for a Chaff Cutter machine. Upon enquiry, the customer mentioned that though the product quality is extremely high but he would choose a machine from competitor (do not want to leak out their name, but I may say they are well reputed) due to their pricing strategy.

A very responsible member from the sales team advised to the customer against their decision (obviously no one wants to lose a customer to a competitor). Sales team also clarified the pricing strategy of competitor to customer (viz. use of low quality metal, use of bearing made from brittle iron, blades not tempered etc.) clearly cuts on operating cost to reduce the machine price, but it seems at that time the customer was driven by their budget rather than quality.

Well, hard luck, you say!!! Ahha, the customer returned last week with his poor quality machine from competitor and requested us to scrap it, as it would not grab the chaff even though multiple attempts have been made by customer and the competitor service team to get this fault rectified. Customer has regreted his previous decision.

Now the customer is the proud owner of Chaff Cutter.

Again, we would like to advise to prospective customers that do not be driven by false economy.
You can always depend upon Chaff Cutters that have been approved by ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.

Yours Truly,
Darshan Singh & Co.

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